About Us

The Mission of the City of Mechanicville and Town of Stillwater Industrial Development Agency (MSIDA) is multifaceted. In its heyday, both Mechanicville and Stillwater provided many opportunities for employment. As a result, family oriented communities were established with desirable school districts and numerous retail, religious and cultural resources. The current goal of the MSIDA is to promote, encourage, develop and attract the construction and expansion of economically sound commercial, industrial and other growth-inducing projects consistent with approved comprehensive plans and generic impact statements with the goal of increasing employment opportunities, either directly or indirectly, and/or retaining existing jobs, in such a manner that maintains and enhances the historic and rural character of these two municipalities. By promoting clean, environmentally friendly industry and commerce in carefully planned and strategic locations, the MSIDA seeks to foster both the economic vitality of the area and improve the quality of life for its residents.